How To Increase The Perceived Value Of Your Goods And Services!

Increasing the perceived value of your goods and services is 
one sure-fire way of making more money, right? After all, 
perception is reality and increasing your perceived value 
lets you easily charge more money.

But for some people this just isn’t an easy thing to do. 
Many entrepreneurs get “stuck” when it comes to asking for 
money, or asking for more money.

Here’s one way to get around this — hopefully you’ll be able 
to use it.

If you’re ever stuck for an analogy about your prices, or 
about part of the process of what you do, a good rule of 
thumb you can always fall back on, is to use medical 

For example, “Sure my copywriting fees are high — but let 
me ask you this: Which doctor do you want performing heart 
surgery on your life — the “cheap” doctor… or the guy 
who’s charging you a premium for his services?”

If you really want to be dirty, you can say “If your son or 
daughter needed open heart surgery… which doctor would 
you want performing the operation — the guy who was 
charging the most money… or the “discount” heart 

Or how about this one, “Once we meet, I’ll ask you a series 
of questions about your background and how you came to 
develop your current thought processes. Kind of like when 
you go to the doctor for the first time and they ask you all 
sorts of questions about your health… your parents 
health… what kind of foods you’re eating… and your 
fitness and lifestyle habits.

Make sense?”

Why is using “health care” such a safe bet?

Simple: It’s something absolutely every single 
person on the face of this earth, who lives in an 
industrialized country… can relate to, and for many 
of your prospects, you’ll also be touching a nerve with 
it since health is such a critical issue.

And “bonding” with your prospects is one of the most important 
“inside secrets” to making your sale.

Now here’s something exciting: Tomorrow, my family and I 
are moving across the state to the Tampa Bay area.

So if you don’t hear from me for a few days, it’s because 
they DIDN’T install my broadband and my electricity WASN’T 
hooked up like they told me it would be.

One thing I’ve discovered (besides “moving sucks”) is that 
I’m excited about exploring a completely new area. It’ll be 
like a new adventure for us.

Figuring out where to go… and what to do… (and where to 
NOT go and what NOT to do) is something I’m looking forward 
to doing, especially with my wife and kids.

Just think, how many times in your life does “finding a new 
restaurant” become something you’re looking forward to?

And since every day you wake up is kind of like the first 
line of the first page of whatever it is you’re writing… 
I’ll bet you a dollar to a hole in a donut, that on this 
adventure… I’m getting ready to write… some very 
powerful… best-sellers.

How Much Do You Charge For Your Goods and Services?