Discover Marketing Industrial Goods Online

I have marketed many products and services online 
over the last few years. There are a ton of different 
ways to do it. Some are really useful and powerful 
and can get you a ton of traffic really quick to your 
site. These different ways range from the supposedly 
free to the very expensive.

If you want to know the truth, just about everything 
takes money. Whether you are going to outright pay for 
traffic from one of the big three search engines or if 
you are going to spend your time doing SEO- it’s going 
to end up costing you SOMETHING.

Let me explain. If you think that you are going to 
optimize your site through SEO and build all the links 
yourself, that IS going to cost you something in time 
and opportunity cost. It’s really not as ‘free’ as you 
might think.

Sites for industrial products are no different. They need 
money to get going and you need to get your money back 
from your efforts. However, a pretty good rule of thumb 
is, if it’s selling offline, then there is a good chance 
that it might sell online too.

Large industrial orders can take months to finally place, 
and my research shows that a lot of the larger business to 
business buyers use the web for research first and then to 
place an order second. Large scale purchases need more 
upfront information for one obvious reason: the magnitude 
of the sale requires more background research.

The big B2B sales process is a little different than, say 
Amazon’s where a lot of customers are placing a lot of 
small orders constantly. A Britney Spears CD or a poster 
of your favorite rock star is probably going to cost less 
than $20 and there are going to be more impulse shoppers 
out there than you might think…heck, I am an impulse 

However, if someone is going to place a $300,000 order 
for a truckload a month of fiberglass, then that potential 
customer is really going to want to take a look at all 
sorts of different companies and options before finally 
going with one main supplier.

However, all marketers and site owners should seek to 
educate their audience about their products (in my case, 
fiberglass) online and then reap the rewards for years 
to come.

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